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Magic traffic bot android version 1.0

  Magic traffic bot android apps is a website traffic bot generator that can generate more traffic to your blogs or website. App feature & Function: • Target url: (Enter the website url that you want to get a traffic) • Refferal Url: (Customized refferal url) • Useragent: (Customized useragent) • Generate a massive traffic to any website for free. • Improve traffic bot speed.  • Ads free. • Unlimited traffic. • No account/ No registration. Download here   Magic_traffic_bot   App screenshot: Refferal url screenshot: Useragent  screenshot FAQ: Q: Is this bot is safe? A: Yes, These bot is 100% safe. Q: Is this traffic bot improve my Search Engine Ranking? A: Not sure. im not a  expert in term of SEO ranking Q: It these bot increase my Alexa Ranking? A: Not sure.  Q: Is these bot work on,, etc.. any shortining links? A: No, These tools dont have a IP changer. Q: Is these app available on Google Playstore. A: No,  we dont have a developer account to publi